Exploring Algerian EFL Students Attitudes for the Use of ICTs' to Learn Grammar

  • Chamseddine Lamri Department of English, Tlemcen University, Algeria


The present exploration aims at investigating Algerian EFL second year university students’ attitudes towards grammar tasks provided and its accomplishment through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). A questionnaire was designed and implemented to EFL undergraduate students and a semi structured interview was administered to English grammar teachers at the University of Tlemcen to collect information regarding the use of ICTs’ to learn/teach grammar. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the research instruments revealed that the use of ICTs’ is of a great importance to stimulate students’ motivation as well as to encourage them to accomplish their classroom activities or home tasks in a relaxed environment. From the results obtained, it was recommended to raise teachers’ awareness concerning the positive impact of using ICTs’ on their students’. In addition, it is important to train both teachers and students to develop their technological skills to help them overcome technical problems. Finally, it was suggested to use specialised websites and blended approach as pedagogical solutions to increase the teaching time.


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