State of Transgender: A Case of District Rawalpindi

  • Rohma Shafqat Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, Quaid Azam Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan


This research paper identifies and describes the state of transgender and how they are surviving in this society. In this world, Pakistan is the second largest Islamic state. Islam has given equal rights to everyone. Through electronic and print media, we found that being an Islamic state; still transgender is neglected by the government and the local society. In general, they are usually associated with dancing, prostitution, and begging. To identify the state of transgender’s in district Rawalpindi, a quantitative and qualitative survey has been conducted. A sample of 60 respondents was taken in district Rawalpindi. To dig the hole deeper, existing literature on the topics was thoroughly reviewed. The questionnaire was prepared in the light of research objectives for data collection. Suitability of the questionnaire was examined through its pretesting on the ten respondents Interviewing with questionnaire schedule was used as a tool to collect data. Finally, through SPSS (statically package for social sciences) was used for data analysis.



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